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Upcoming Events

Looking for a yoga workshop? Group meditation? Sound Bath? Reiki certification? You're in the right place. Check out the exciting events we've got coming up and sign-up today! 

Community Plant & Seed Swap (Facebook Post (Landscape)).jpg

Community Plant & Seed Swap


April 2nd


Our last community plant swap was SO amazing, we decided to do another one–just in time for the Spring gardening season! Join us Sunday April 2nd from 12-3pm as we swap seeds, share plants, and have fun! Bring your plant clippings, plant babies, saved seeds, or anything garden/plant that you're willing to gift, swap, or trade! Our space will be open the entire time, but we suggest arriving at 12pm for the best swaps and trades. We will have some snacks and every participant will be entered into a raffle with some fun yoga prizes! This event is FREE and open to all. Plants/seeds are not required for entry, just encouraged. We ask all guests follow the guidelines below: 1. Plants must be pest-free 2. NO SELLING 3. Be respectful and courteous We recommend bringing a cardboard box or something to use for transporting your plants and seeds.

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Kids Yoga Series


6 Saturdays (4/22,4/29,5/6,5/13,5/20,5/27)


Springtime is the perfect time to plant your yoga seeds! Little ones ages 5-9 are welcome to join us for 6 fun-filled Saturday classes where they'll learn about yoga, laugh, and have fun! Each session will have a different focus giving kids the opportunity to tap into their true selves and learn about mindfulness & self-awareness in the loving space of Yoga. They will... Week 1: Discover the Sound of the Universe by chanting OM. Week 2: Find balance by moving the body into Tree Pose. Week 3: Create a safe space to rest in the Sacred Garden while guided through a deep relaxation exercise. Week 4: Learn valuable tools to reduce stress by utilizing a more beneficial way to breathe. Week 5: Learn about the chakras by Riding the Rainbow. week 6: Begin a meditation practice by using a "Peace Begins with Me" technique. Classes are every Saturday (4/22-5/27) from 11-12pm. Registration is $75 per child and includes all 6 sessions. Refunds for missed classes are not available. Each session will be led by Heather "Vani" Snyder. Heather is certified in Integral Hatha Yoga, Levels I & II, and has been practicing yoga for 23 years. Vani has also completed her 'Kidding Around' Yoga certification. A mother of three, was a Girl Scout co-leader for 12 years, and has worked in the field of Children's Mental Health. Heather is passionate about sharing yoga with children and has led classes for kids at local libraries, the Miller Center in Lewisburg, and now–at Salamander! She believes:"It is a great honor to help children discover yoga, guide them to self-discovery, and watch them grow!"

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Yoga for Bigger Bodies


April 5th


Are you interested in starting yoga but not sure how or where to start? Want to learn ways to move and feel good in a judgement-free environment? Have you ever taken a yoga class and felt like the movements just didn't work for your body? Feel confident and comfortable to grow your yoga practice at a studio, at home, or wherever you go to flow! In this 1-hour workshop, you'll learn: - How to modify common yoga poses to work for you - Different props you can use to enhance your practice - Answers to any questions you may have about yoga This workshop will be led by Amy Kline, RYT-200, CRNP

Sound Bath Meditation (Instagram Post (Square)).jpg

Singing Bowl Meditation


April 28th


In need of a reset? Need some R&R? Join us for an evening of deep relaxation led by Hadas Green. We'll begin with some gentle movement to release any lingering jitters from the week and tune into your body, then, settle in and get comfortable and enjoy the relaxing sounds of Himalyana brass singing bowls, and finally, seal in the evening with a mantra meditation. Brass Himalyan singing bowls, similar to crystal singing bowls, are a wonderful tool to relax thanks to the restorative, therapeutic benefits of their vibrational sounds. Please feel free to bring any personal comfort items (socks, pillows, eye pillows) that would help you feel comfortable, supported, and cozy. Blankets, extra yoga mats, bolsters, eye pillows are available at the studio, though supplies are limited.

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How to Relax Workshop


April 16th


Do you feel burned out? Struggle to slow down and relax? This is for you! In this 1-hour workshop, you'll learn: - Techniques to increase vagal tone and support the nervous system - Specific pranayama (breath work) and acupressure points - Restorative yoga poses to support your body and rest your mind Treat yourself to an hour of R&R–you deserve it!

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Garden of Gratitude: Intentional Creativity Workshop


May 6th 


Tap into your intuition, lean into your creativity, and have fun! Begin with a grounding, gentle yoga practice, then, explore the practice of intentional creativity during this one-of-a-kind workshop. Intentional Creativity combines the practices of meditation, yoga, and art, to allow you to connect to your inner-creative by slowing down your busy brain and inviting your creative brain to kick into gear! The practice is focused on moving past blocks and freely creating–there is no right or wrong, no good or bad–just you and the canvas! The yoga component of this workshop will be led by Amy Kline, CRNP, RYT-200. The creative component will be led by intentional creativity coach, Beth Kline-Pederson. Price includes all supplies and take-home canvas. Previous yoga experience is not necessary. Extra yoga mats are available for use.


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